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Prerequisites Qlik NPrinting Designer sometimes crashes with zoomed screen settings. If you experience random crashes when using Qlik NPrinting Designer, open your Windows Display. Settings in the Control Panel and check that the Smaller – 100% (default) is selected. When settings. of 125% or 150% are selected, Qlik NPrinting Designer may crash. As a user that used old desktop version of nprinting, new web-based version has some boundaries compared to the old one. Maybe its because I used that interface a lot and new version for only 3 months but its still a very powerful tool for distrubuting reports and dashboards to the whole organization.

Nprinting logs

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The Audit Trail database also supports backup and restore. Audit Trail logs are consumed via a public REST API that provides data as text files separated by tabs. NPrinting Audit Logs February 6, 2021 February 6, 2021. Small/Big change – dynamic email address June 17, 2020 June 17, 2020. How to build HTML Pivot Table in NPrinting April 24, 2020 July 3, 2020. NPrinting API – Qlik Rest SubRoutines v1.2 March 27, 2020 March 27, 2020.

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Nprinting logs


Nprinting logs

implementerat QlikView®, Qlik Sense® och Qlik NPrinting™ i verksamheten för att förbättra sina marknadsföringskampanjer och affärsresultat. tryckeri(n),printing-oflSce.

Zip and Upload the entire set of NPrinting logs to the support case " C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\Logs\". NPrinting November 2020 introduced audit logs. It is long awaited feature allowing us to capture practically every movement happening in NPrinting environment. For it to work we have to enable audit logging in NPrinting admin console settings. Unlike NPrinting 16, there is no separate location for the On-Demand log files in NPrinting 17 plus versions. The calls are recorded in the normal server log set - C:\programData\NPrinting\Logs The log level must be changed to DEBUG to view the on-demand logs, because the logs appear in the engine-dev.log file.
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Nprinting logs

• Log Files: application and service log files • QlikView Documents: local QlikView source documents Qlik NPrinting November 2018 Release Notes 3 Improvements New options to set the resolver session timeout Jira issue ID: OP-8016 There are two new options in the scheduler.config file that set session timeouts in seconds for QlikView and 2019-05-03 Qlik NPrinting Scheduler error: “Timezone Canada/East-Saskatchewan is unknown” Jira issue ID: OP-8378 Qlik NPrinting Scheduler would stop and its logs showed the following error: “System.Exception: Timezone Canada/East-Saskatchewan is unknown” because the Canada/East-Saskatchewan time zone has been deprecated and is no longer recognized. 2017-03-01 Qlik NPrinting February 2019 Release Notes 2 What’s new in Qlik NPrinting February 2019 Qlik variables in email bodies and subjects In Qlik NPrinting, you can insert QlikView and Qlik Sense variables inside email bodies and subjects. This lets you send dynamic content to your recipients. Qlik NPrinting log in supports JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication on both Qlik Sense and QlikView with DMS. JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard for secure transmission of information between two parties used for authentication and authorization.

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Where are the log files stored? Logs are stored in the %ProgramData%\Nprinting\Logs folder. The default location is C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\Logs.